Expert in Animal Nutrition and Health



ANC opened its doors in Istanbul in 2004 with one product and two employees. ANC occupies one of the leading positions in several professional fields; nutrition and health of poultry, ruminant and aquaculture species and specialized agricultural chain stores called ‘’Çiftliğim Agro-Markets- meaning myfarm Agro-Markets.’’


In the poultry nutrition and health business, ANC has developed a set of complementary business activities based on its core expertise. The company develops and markets a diversified product mix that includes coccidiostats, enzymes, growth enhancers, minerals, hygiene, dietary and health products. ‘’Poultry Gut Health’’ and ‘’Salmonella Control’’ are two expertise areas of ANC poultry team. The company can offer a complete range of programs, technical services and products adapted to local conditions of Turkey.

Turkish dairy and beef cattle production is highly fragmented. This business is driven by a logic that is essentially local- hence, the high number of players. Therefore ANC has been investing in agricultural supply chain stores (Çiftliğim Agro-Markets) to be closed to the local ruminant farmers. In each store, more than 1500 products including nutritional specialties, farm equipment, hygiene products are delivered to the farmers.


These superior products and services are served to local customers by professional ANC team who help customers to optimize the performance of their animals by focusing in the particular areas of; production, fetility, immunity, transition, management, rumen and liver support, hoof and udder care, heat stress, etc.


ANC sales and technical support team are regularly trained by ANC training center called ‘’Çiftliğim Academy’’


And also Turkey is one of the biggest producers of Mediterranean species; sea bass and sea bream. ANC offers high-performance product range to the producers. Particular areas are; stress control, performance and immunity enhancing products.